O.I.A. international congress Osteopathy and Sport: a few more days to participate as speakers

Ricerca e scienza

Here we go! The gate is about to be closed, from midnight of March 15th the abstracts of its scientific work will no longer be accepted to the organizational secretariat of the International Congress “Osteopathy and Sport: when, how and why”, organized by O.I.A. (Osteopathic International Academy). The scientific event was supposed to take place in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia last year, at the same time; unfortunately, the pandemic caused it to slip by a year and then led the organizers to keep it online.

Now is arriving the first deadline: the closure of “call for paper”. The secretariat has received several abstracts, and until now really interesting titles have arrived, the organization will submit them to the Scientific Committee, appointed specifically to evaluate the works. The members that make up the SC for the OIA congress are of established international prestige and the selection will be based on criteria of scientificity, methodology, utility. The AbeOS School of Osteopathy supports this congress as a sponsor but is indirectly involved as its Principal, Marcello Luca Marasco, is the Scientific Coordinator of the event that, we remember, will be held on September 11 of this year in online mode, on the next day of the 12th is scheduled a workshop, the theme is always osteopathy in sport, held by Marcello Luca Marasco.

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