Towards the closing of the “call for paper” of the International Congress “Osteopathy and Sport – when, how and why”: to March 15th

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The international congress “Osteopathy and sport – when, how and why”, due to the pandemic condition we are experiencing, has been postponed to 11 September 2021 and will be held online.  The event was to take the point about the state of the art on osteopathy in sports and to be held in the beautiful city of Sofia in Bulgaria in September 2020. Obviously the sensations will not be the same as experienced at a distance, but in this 2021 we all need to  adaptations to the scenario modified by the pandemic.  Meanwhile, the deadline of March 15th for the call for papers is closed.  There are still a few days left to submit to the O.I.A. (Osteopathic International Academy), their work which will be judged by the scientific committee created specifically for the event (Sandra Lois GutierrezSpain, Maura Gabriela FeleaRomania, Tim Daelemans Belgium, Giandomenico D’AlessandroItaly).  Presumably from mid-April we will therefore have the works and the relative denominations allowed to refer to this scientific event.  Everything proceeds towards this truly unmissable event for those who deal with osteopathy in the sports field.

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