AbeOS Research Department: scientific article on rowing and fascia published

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During the weekend, thanks to the Research Department of the AbeOS School of Osteopathy (twinned with O.I.A. – Osteopathic International Academy, Iasi, Romania), a scientific article was published in the “Journal of Physical Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine”, the result of a thesis by osteopathy students, now established osteopaths, a study carried out on the athletes of the Romania Olympic National Rowing Team. The study was carried out by Daniele Colantoni and Sandro Fioretti with the aim of finding fascial patterns in top-level rowing athletes under the supervision of Marcello Luca Marasco.

Questa immagine ha l'attributo alt vuoto; il nome del file è studioPiediluco.jpg
In the photo (source AbeOS): Daniele Colantoni and Sandro Fioretti during the data collection held in Piediluco (TR) during the winter training camp in Italy of the Romanian national team.

That work was elaborated and made into an article with scientific canons by the mastery of Francesco Senigagliesi, Head of AbeOS Research Department. The title chosen for the article is ‘EVALUATION OF OSTEOPATHIC PATTERNS AND RECURRING POSTURAL ALTERATIONS ASSOCIATED WITH ATHLETIC GESTURE IN THE ROWING ATHLETES’. Those wishing to download the article free of charge can click here. This publication, which confirms how substantial the know-how of AbeOS is in the field of osteopathy applied to sport, will be followed by other scientific works that are currently in progress, again on the athletes of the Romanian National Rowing Team, whom we warmly thank together with their Head Coach, Antonio Colamonici, his deputy Marius Bacaoanu, the team manager Dorin Alupei and the President of the Romanian Rowing Federation Elisabeta Lipă.

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