Osean student Exchange

Dalla Scuola, Ricerca e scienza

The first week of June will take place in AbeOS, the international week dedicated to Osean Student Exchange.

During that week, students from others European schools of osteopathy belonging to the OsEAN Network (www.osean.com), composed by 40 osteopathic schools around the world (mainly European), will be hosted in AbeOS school campus. This organization has AbeOS Director Marcello Luca Marasco on his board. The student exchange program between OsEAN schools Students has the goal to increase student mobility and student competence by attending institutes in other European countries for a short period to experience the different perspectives offered by each.

Also, three of our students recently spent a week in Gothenburg with big satisfaction.In AbeOS school the person in charge for the OsEAN activities is Viviana Nardone who coordinates the exchanges with other schools of the network. After the first Spanish adhesion, we received several subscriptions from the Belgian FICO school in Antwerp. Surely this experience will be a big opportunity of constructive exchange for all students and for all teachers involved